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Born from chaos


Life is chaotic and confusing. 


Those without a voice struggle to directly influence the very things they care most about in their world, and the one around them. 


The things we watch, read, touch, taste and feel have a direct impact on the way we conduct our lives, which directly affects the way we are perceived. 


Content on today’s media platforms is typically directed by advertisers and editorial is mostly written by a network of contributor hacks getting paid to write agenda-driven copy. 


Cannabis and other natural drugs are vilified while manufactured synthetic alternatives continue to invade our homes and bodies, simultaneously pushed on us by the art and science of well-funded advertising. 


Everybody needs a trusted guide. 


PRØHBTD is a cannabis-centric lifestyle brand for the conscious mind and cultured palate that rebels against prohibition past, present, and future through art, street style, travel, cuisine, and entertainment.